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Successful Partnerships



Using accurate analytical tools and a wealth of experience, we review your real estate process, taking into consideration every aspect of site selection that affect operations and profitability. Then we make recommendations regarding your overall real estate strategy. With our established structure, D&B can coordinate a review of existing and potential opportunities, and develop a comprehensive market strategy.


D&B can provide you with highly accurate research on any markets or sites under consideration. Our comprehensive research methods and demographic analysis systems ensure the meticulous accumulation of information including census data, household segmentation, competition maps, traffic studies, site maps, and other relevant information.


D&B relies on proven methods of site analysis and experienced real estate professionals to identify strategic locations. Your specific requirements and factors such as regional differences in competition and consumer behavior are thoroughly reviewed. Our team provides a consistent application of your criteria in targeted markets.


  • Our focus is to maximize the value of assets with quality tenants

  • The presentation and marketing of projects is thorough and tenant specific

  • We strive for tenant retention, strong relationships, and knowledge of the current marke


  • Using accurate tools and experience, we review the process, taking into consideration every aspect of site selection that affects operations and profitability

  • We coordinate and review existing potential opportunities to develop a comprehensive market strategy

  • Our comprehensive methods ensure correct demographic analysis, household segmentation, competition maps, traffic studies, and site maps

  • D&B uses proven site analysis to identify strategic locations of the tenants criteria in the targeted market

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